First, we'll take a look at the big picture….of where you are right now and what you're desiring in the big picture of your life. We'll find your dreaming muscle and free your dreams. We'll look at what you really want in whatever areas of your life you choose. We'll look at what you no longer want to experience and what you do. When you dream small, I'll challenge you to dream bigger.
Next, we'll look at what fuels your life energy, where you're connected spiritually and personally. We'll identify your strengths and what's most important to you in how you live your life.
Throughout your process, we'll be identifying what's working, what's not working, excavating negative beliefs, thoughts, and feelings.
Through unlimited emails, you'll receive the support, feedback, and championing that will energize your efforts.

The "Craft Your Life" Adventure ... See, Feel, Experience...

We'll celebrate your successes and examine the obstacles. We'll continue to transform those obstacles into open doors.
We'll be trailblazing one step at a time on your path to manifesting your vision.  With my expert help, you'll craft a plan, a set of stepping stones toward what you want, connecting the passions of your heart to things you begin to see and feel.

The "Craft Your Life" Adventure is a dynamic process designed step by step in collaboration between you (the client) and me (the Guide). It is not traditional therapy nor is it only life coaching.
While traditional therapy focuses past to present and coaching focuses present to future, this personal and spiritual growth process is a tapestry of past, present and future, with us weaving, going inward and discovering your answers with focusing outward and transforming those answers into changes you can see, feel, and experience. We move fluidly through the deep inner work and the more tangible outer movements. Read on...

Throughout the adventure, you may choose to focus more on designing your life plan or you may choose to spend the time diving into your depths with such techniques as imagery, visualization, meditation, dreamwork, sandtray, or scripting your life story.

The important part of this adventure is that it is unique to you and designed collaboratively between us to help you craft the life experience that has the greatest heart and meaning to you.

Phone sessions are available.